When your car breaks down

Anyone who owns a car knows that car repair and maintenance can be a real head ache and strain on your finances. Cars break down in the most unexpected ways and places and without luck on your side, you might find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere wondering what to do next. Some of these car breakdowns are caused by car issues that can be prevented by proper and frequent car maintenance practices. It’s also a good idea to take your car in for a checkup every once in a while. The best place for auto repair mesa az has to offer is Street Automotive. These Do It Yourself tips and tricks will go a long way in saving you money.
Tips and tricks
• When changing headlight bulbs, hold the metal bulb holder at the base of the bulb and not the glass. Touching the glass with your fingers may leave traces of grease which leads to that part of the glass being hotter than the rest when the bulb is used and subsequently cause cracking.
• Always check your battery terminals and keep them clean by using a wire brush to clean each contact post and terminal cap. By cleaning them, you make it easier for electrical current to pass through the electrical system and reduce chances of battery failure.
• To maintain good paint work on your car, always make wash off any stain as soon as you can. Bird poop contains certain Car Tyrecompounds that damage a majority of car paint jobs especially if the car has been left in the sun. The waste bakes in and leaves dull spots in the paint.
• Regularly check your tyre pressure as bad tyre pressure can affect fuel economy and comfort.
• Make a point of regularly cleaning brake dust because if left for too long, it will bake on to the wheels. Cleaning is easily done using cold water and a damp sponge so there is absolutely no excuse for not doing it.
• When checking for engine coolant levels, wait until the engine is cool. Do not remove the radiator cap to check the level of the coolant. Instead wait for the coolant system to cool in order to prevent the release pressure from burning you.
• To maintain good car body paint work, you should embrace using car magnets instead of bumper stickers. Bumper stickers always damage the paint after removal leaving certain spots in your car dull and unsightly. However, magnets are easily removable and can be put at any part of your car. In addition they do not damage your paint upon removal after you’re done supporting your cause.